This course is for any restauranteur, cafe owners, barman, managers and anyone wanting to increase the number of people coming into their venue.


Social media is a monster and that is undeniable. All your customers & prospective ones are on it. This course is a roadmap to strategise and run advertising on Facebook.


You will firstly learn how to come up with promotions that make sense for your venue. You will also have a step by step guide on how to advertise, measure and audit your ads. Keeping only what works for you.

Course Structure

This course offers also access to a private Facebook groups where new strategies are discussed.

Lesson 1: How to come up with promotions

This is the very first lesson of the course. We will look at how to come up with certain promotions which will appeal to potential new customers.

Lesson 2: How to create your business manager account

In lesson 2, we will look at how to create and manage a business manager account.

Lesson 3: How to create your Facebook page

In this lesson, we will create a Facebook business page from scrap.

Lesson 4: How to create your first post.

In this section, we will look at how to create Facebook posts that make sense. We will also show a quick and easy process to have gorgeous graphics done to accompany those posts.

Lesson 5: How to create your Ad account

In this lesson, we will look at how to create an ad account and make sure that it is link to the page.

Lesson 6: Create your first ad

In this lesson, we will look at how to create your very first ad. We will also look at all the various ad formats available.

Lesson 7: How to optimise and audit your ads

In this lesson, we will look at all the various ways to optimise the ads once they started running for a few days.

Lesson 8: Advanced Strategies

In this last lesson, we will look at all the advanced strategies available out there. We will also have a look at the Pixel and how it works.

Who is Olivier?

Olivier is an online consultant who has worked with various companies to build their online marketing strategies. He has worked with numerous companies in the food industry and has been very successful in drafting strategies that have increased their turnover tremendously.

After being asked over and over again to do 1 day consultations with restaurants, cafes and other food stores, he decided to create this blueprint to help those businesses out there and empower them to create and manage their own social media strategy.